Where to buy fresh cranberries? Or where to buy frozen cranberries? Thanks to the amazing health benefits and delicious taste of cranberries, many people are trying to get their hands on them. Scientific studies have highlighted their unique nutritional value and health benefits such as UTI prevention.

However, depending on where you live and what season it is, it may be difficult to find them. Cranberries typically grow in cool climates like Northern America and Northern Europe, and they are highly seasonal, the harvest being in the fall. The good news is that you nowadays, you can enjoy these super berries even outside their harvest season or if you don’t live in an area where they are grown. 

Find below the 3 best places where to buy cranberries (fresh, frozen, or as cranberry powder) near you!

1. In a Local Market – Autumn Only

If you are lucky to be in a region where cranberries grow, you can buy fresh cranberries at a local farmers’ market or fruit market. Just bear in mind the seasonal nature of the berries – typically, fresh cranberries are available around September – December.

If you visit a region with wild cranberries (they typically in grow in swamps in cool climates such as Canada, New England, Finland), make sure to specifically ask for wild cranberries. Cultivated cranberries are more commonly available, but they have much less taste and nutritional value than wild cranberries. You’ll notice the difference once you try!

2. In Your Grocery Store – All-Year-Round 

Often, you can buy frozen cranberries in bigger grocery stores and supermarkets. Frozen cranberries are usually available all-year-round. Freezing the berries maintains their nutritional value and taste rather well.

Frozen cranberries usually come from countries like Canada, United States, or Northern European countries such as Poland, Estonia, and Finland. It’s good to pay attention to the country of origin and if possible, go for a country of origin known for its clean, unpolluted nature, like Finland or Canada.

Also, keep in mind most of the frozen cranberries sold in grocery stores are not wild. Firstly, cultivated berries are much easier to find in stores. Secondly, they tend to be cheaper than wild berries. Thirdly, and most importantly, they have a lower nutritional value than wild berries. Berries that are not wild usually grow in big farms around the world.

In summary, we recommend that you check the product label, be aware of your options, and decide according to your values.

3. Online – All-Year-Round

The easiest and smoothest way to buy cranberries at any time of the year is online in the form of cranberry powder, no matter where you live. The fantastic nutritional value, delicious taste, and beautiful red color of cranberries are perfectly preserved by freeze-drying the fresh berries immediately after they are picked. After the berries are dried, they are powdered and packaged.

So why start using cranberry powder instead of fresh or frozen cranberries? There are many surprising reasons, such as: you find it all-year-round, you can store it at room temperature for several months (lower carbon footprint than frozen cranberries), you can bring it everywhere without having to worry about weight, temperature, washing before eating, and of course, it has endless ways of use.

When buying a cranberry powder, it’s good to acknowledge that there are huge differences in taste, quality, and nutritional value. Our blog post Best Cranberry Powder – 10 Tips to Help You Find the One guides you to find the best product in the market.

We at Arctic Flavors specialize in premium quality wild cranberry powder, which you can buy from our online shop. We ship worldwide, including countries like the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Canada, and all European countries. All our berry powders comprise 100% whole berries from the unpolluted forests of Finland. We add nothing else – no preservatives, sugars, additives, nothing.

Below are some customer testimonials of Arctic Flavors cranberry powder:

“Excellent product and fast delivery! This small company provides cranberry powder of high quality that worths every single penny. I am 100% satisfied with my cranberry powder and I will definitely buy again!“ – Sarah

“I have been searching for the right product for a long time, I am extremely happy to have found Arctic Flavors and their Cranberry powder that is natural, contains no added sugar and it tastes delicious.” – Ella 

“If you’re looking for the highest quality and purest ingredients without fillers, and you want freshness the moment you open the sealed packaging, here you have it!” – Cliff

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