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Are you looking for blueberry powder bulk? You just found the best! In addition to our best seller wild blueberry powder solutions, we offer tailor-made solutions for other unique wild berry powders as well. These include wild lingonberry, sea buckthorn, cranberry, and blackcurrant powders. 

Whether you are a wholesale buyer, store owner, a wedding planner, or someone who wants to impress with personalized labeling, we are here to help you. We promise to work with you and offer customized solutions that meet your expectations. Please send us your request and we will promptly get back to you with all the information you are looking for.

Berry powders available

Reasons for using Arctic Flavors for your customized needs

  • Your wishes come first, always
  • You get premium quality products
  • You get fast and attentive communication
  • Your support goes to a small family-run business

Examples of customized solutions we are offering

  • Products ready for the shelf with Arctic Flavors brand
  • White-labeling. Products ready for your own branding (packaged but no labels)
  • Personalized labeling for special occasions (e.g., business gifts, weddings, special events, etc)


We have already done the legwork and identified the highest quality wild berry powders you can get. The only step you need to take is to trust us and try our services. We can’t wait to hear from you!  



Top quality and fast shipping. I added just a little bit in my yogurt bowl and it immediately turned dark purple (a sign of top quality)! Most blueberry powders don’t taste like anything, but this one is the real deal! Highly recommended!


Great product from a small company! Also, very happy to see and taste a 100% natural sea buckthorn powder! Once you open the bag and smell the powder you understand that this is a premium product. I love using it in my daily smoothies, muesli, and as a topping in cakes I make. It gives this tangy/sour touch which is sort of addictive (in a good way). 

Alex K.

I did not expect that this powder will become my new favourite supplement for almost everything. Very few people know lingonberry, but once you go for it, you get to appreciate this hidden berry gem. Thank you Arctic Flavors for your excellent quality powder! Highly recommended product from a small Finnish company!

Conor M.

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