About us

We Bring the Arctic Nature to You

Arctic Flavors is a small company specialized in premium quality wild berry, herb and flaxseed powders that come exclusively from the Arctic nature of Finland. We collaborate with local people who collect the berries from the Finnish forests. This way we support the local communities.

We founded the company because of our true love for all kinds of wild berries that grow in abundance in the clean forests of Finland. Having lived abroad in multiple countries, we were always missing the unmatched quality and flavor of Finnish berries.  Therefore, we decided to start Arctic Flavors to bring these amazing berries closer to people around the world.

We, at Arctic Flavors, are very proud of the quality of our products. In fact, we spent one year evaluating and tasting different berry powders and realized that there are huge differences in quality (taste, nutritional value, origin, etc.). We truly believe we found the best quality berry, herb and flaxseed powders and we are excited to share them with you.

Our Promise to You

Your satisfaction and customer experience is our top priority.

Arctic Flavors is a small company specialized in premium quality wild berry powders and other natural superfoods that come exclusively from the Arctic nature of Finland

100% natural products from Finland

No preservatives, colorants, or sweeteners added.


Products of premium quality

Our wild powders come from the unpolluted Arctic forests. No pesticides or toxic chemicals used, ever.


Support to local communities

We collaborate with local communities  in Finland.


Sustainably grown by nature

Wild products grow in harmony with nature. No irrigation or fertilization needed.

Our Team

We are a couple who shares a passion for a healthy lifestyle and delicious food. We are continuously learning about berries, tasting them, and creating new ways of adding them to our diet.

Our passion for berries is translated in the quality of berry powders we offer and we hope that you will trust our values and share the joy of berries that the Finnish nature offers.


wild blueberry powder (bilberry powder), freeze-dried. High in antioxidants & vitamins. Top quality wild blueberries from Finland. Buy online.

Our Products

Premium quality wild berry, herb & flaxseed powders from the pure nature of Finland

Customer Testimonials

I love Arctic Flavors Wild Blueberry Powder. I put it in my heavy metal detox smoothie everyday and it tastes so good. Thank you Arctic Flavors for supplying us with this superfood. It’s also nice to support a small business that put a lot of love and care into their product.


I have to thank Artic Flavor for bringing such genuine food to my table. I am surrounded by junk food but Finnish berries and the responsibility with which they are processed are a lucky and very rare exception. I am used to taking berry powder dissolved in water during my workouts, better than a supplement!


I have been searching for the right product for a long time, I am extremely happy to have found Arctic Flavors and their Cranberry powder that is natural, contains no added sugar and it tastes delicious. Customer service at the company is top notch as well.


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