About Us

Our story

Arctic Flavors is a small company specialized οn premium quality wild berry powders that come exclusively from the Arctic nature of Finland. We collaborate with local people who collect the berries from the Finnish forests. This way we support the local communities.

We founded the company because of our true love for all kinds of wild berries that grow in abundance in the clean forests of Finland. Having lived abroad in multiple countries, we were always missing the unmatched quality and flavor of Finnish berries.  Therefore, we decided to start Arctic Flavors to bring these amazing berries closer to people around the world.

We, at Arctic Flavors, are very proud of the quality of our berry powders. In fact, we spent one year evaluating and tasting different berry powders and realized that there are huge differences in quality (taste, nutritional value, origin, etc.). We truly believe we found the best quality berry powders and we are excited to share them with you.

Arctic Flavors makes wild berry powders from berries growing in the clean forests of Finland.


We want to bring a piece of the Arctic nature to you.

Our values


Wild sea buckthorn smoothie bowl made with Arctic Flavors 100% natural and raw wild sea buckthorn powder superfood

What our customers say about us

"Top quality and fast shipping. Most blueberry powders don’t taste like anything, but this one is the real deal!
Highly recommended!" ~ Annie

"Great wild blueberry powder! A little goes a long way (and you still get the great taste) not too expensive.
Delivery was fast as well. I am very happy I found one I can trust. " ~ Barbara

The long days under the Arctic sun provide unique conditions for wild berries to grow. The clean soil, the pure air, and the fresh waters of Arctic Finland ensure the premium quality and taste of our berries. Wild arctic berries have much higher nutritional value than cultivated berries often sold in stores.

Our team

We are a couple who shares a passion for a healthy lifestyle and delicious food. We are continuously learning about berries, tasting them, and creating new ways of adding them to our diet. 

Our passion for berries is translated in the quality of berry powders we offer and we hope that you will trust our values and share the joy of berries that the Finnish nature offers.