Welcome to the magical world of arctic nature and flavors! This is a place to get to know new and exciting healthy food ideas and be inspired by delicious recipes.

We started Arctic Flavors for two reasons. Firstly, we have an endless passion for delicious food. People often think that delicious food cannot be healthy, or vice versa. We want to change this perception by introducing pure flavors from nature that are healthy and delicious.

Secondly, we know a unique and well-kept secret of Finland, that very few people are aware of. It is the wild arctic berries. About 65% of Finland’s land area is covered with forests that are packed with the most colorful and exotic wild berries. In fact, there are 37 different species of edible wild berries growing in the Finnish nature, each of them with unique flavors, nutritional characteristics, and health benefits. For hundreds of years, wild berries have been enjoyed daily as a precious delicacy in Finland. Now, we want to bring them to you. We are sure you will love these superfoods from the arctic nature.

We hope you get excited by our healthy food ideas and enjoy the recipes we share. We’d love to hear more from you, so please connect with us on our social media channels. Thank you for reading!

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