Should you buy blueberry powder vs fresh blueberries? What are the main differences and similarities between blueberry powder and fresh blueberries?

Below, we summarize the most important things to consider when comparing blueberry powder vs fresh blueberries.

1. Vitamins & nutritional value

Multiple studies have shown so far that blueberries are good for your health. In fact, daily consumption of blueberries can improve the health of your heart, brain, gut, and eyes. You can read more about the various health benefits of blueberries in one of our previous posts here.

Many of you ask the question of whether blueberry powder contains the same nutritional value and vitamins as fresh blueberries. Well, it depends on how the blueberries were processed. If the blueberries were processed using a heat-drying method, their nutritional value is reduced. On the contrary, if the blueberries were processed using a freeze-drying method, then their nutritional value is preserved at the same levels as in fresh blueberries.

In addition, the nutritional value of berry powders directly reflects the use of whole berries, or parts of the fruit. In other words, berry powders made of juice or that remove the skin of the berry do not have as high nutritional value as the ones that use the whole berries. An example of premium quality berry powder is the Arctic Flavors wild blueberry powder.

In summary – blueberry powder vs fresh blueberries: Freeze-dried blueberry powder made of whole berries contain the same nutritional value and vitamins as fresh blueberries.

2. Taste

Blueberries are one of the most loved berries globally, mainly because they are healthy, but also because they taste good! Fresh blueberries are typically juicy and fruity, but not overly sweet. Similar to their nutritional value, the taste of blueberries varies depending on the type and their origin. Not only that, but the processing of blueberries can further impact their taste. As mentioned above, the best method to maintain the taste of blueberries when you make it powder is to freeze-dry them first. Otherwise, the taste of blueberry powder will be poorer and in some cases, the powder will be tasteless.

In summary – blueberry powder vs fresh blueberries: Top quality berry powders taste like delicious fresh blueberries, whereas lower quality ones may be tasteless.

3. Color

Did you know that blueberries come in different colors? While the outside of the berry is typically dark blue or purple, the color of the flesh inside varies depending on the type and origin of the blueberry. If you would like to learn more, you can check out our blog post on What Color Are Blueberries Inside. In summary, the color of blueberries depends on the amount of anthocyanin, a type of essential antioxidant. The higher the anthocyanins are, the darker the color of blueberry will be.

As a result, the color of berry powders will depend on how dark the skin and flesh of the blueberries used is. Light-colored blueberries (usually farmed) typically make a light purple powder. On the contrary, wild Arctic blueberries (also called bilberries), which are the darkest blueberries out there, make dark blueberry powder. These berries grow naturally under the endless sunlight and cool temperatures of the Arctic, conditions that explain their intense purple color and very high amount of anthocyanins. If you mix a spoonful of good quality blueberry powder, like Arctic Flavors blueberry powder, in yogurt or a smoothie, it will turn dark purple. Instead, if the blueberry powder is not of good quality, your yogurt or smoothie will not change color.

In summary – blueberry powder vs fresh blueberries: The color of blueberries and blueberry powders varies. The powder reflects the color of the blueberry used to making it. The most antioxidant-rich blueberry powders come in dark blue color.

4. Availability

While fresh blueberries may not always be available because they are seasonal, the blueberry powder is available all year-round. In fact, you can find blueberry powder in specialty food stores, or you can easily buy it online from our online shop.

In summary – blueberry powder vs fresh blueberries: Fresh blueberries are available only seasonally, whereas blueberry powder is available all year-round.

5. Storage

Fresh blueberries require refrigeration to stay good. Not only that, but their lifetime is usually quite short, which means that you need to eat them within a few days.

Berry powders, on the other hand, can be stored at room temperature and they remain good for at least one year. Because of this, you can bring your blueberry powder in the office, on family trips, at the gym, or anywhere else without having to worry about them going bad.

In summary – blueberry powder vs fresh blueberries: You need to refrigerate fresh blueberries and enjoy them within a few days. Instead, you can keep the blueberry powder at room temperature and enjoy it for at least one year before it expires.

6. Price / Value for Money

The price of fresh blueberries depends on many factors such as availability, origin, and the quality of berries. On the other hand, the price of blueberry powders depends on the origin, quality, and processing of the berries.

It is important to understand that a small bag that contains 85g of blueberry powder may contain an equal of 850g of fresh blueberries. Therefore, the price may seem high at first, but considering the number of servings and nutritional value each serving has, the blueberry powder is actually a better value for money than fresh blueberries. Thus, the price per serving is actually very low, compared to buying fresh berries. Lastly, the price of a blueberry powder remains the same throughout the year, whereas the price of fresh blueberries fluctuates quite a lot.

In summary – blueberry powder vs fresh blueberries: Fresh blueberry prices vary greatly. When comparing price per serving, the blueberry powder can have a much lower price than fresh berries, especially when blueberries are not in season.

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