If you are into smoothies, there is a good chance you are (or have considered) using a smoothie mix powder. They are so convenient to use, delicious, and offer a wide range of health benefits (if of good quality). While people love using smoothie powder mixes, they often face some challenges picking the best.

In this post, we provide 7 tips that will help you find the best smoothie mix powder quickly and reliably!

1. Ingredients and their key nutrients

When it comes to mixing ingredients (i.e., berry powders) for smoothies, things can get wild! The main reason why people love smoothie mix powders is that they are easy to use and offer a high nutritional value. However, not all smoothie mix powders are the same. Firstly, it is important to check the ingredients to understand what fruits or berries go into the mix. Every brand has its own secret mixing proportions. The order of each berry on the ingredients list tells you which one is used more by volume. For example, the first one on the list is the one with the highest net weight in the package.

Once you know the ingredients, you can tell whether it has complementary nutritional benefits or is heavy on just one nutrient. A look at the nutritional information table will guide you further. For example, a berry mix powder containing blueberry and strawberry powders will have a different nutritional value than one with blueberry, lingonberry, and strawberry powder. Each blend’s nutritional value is essentially a combination of three things: the number of ingredients used, their proportions in the mix, and their nutritional value. A fourth, but important factor, is each ingredient’s quality as it directly impacts each ingredient’s nutritional value. If you would like to read more about the subject, check out our blog on the health benefits of berry smoothie mixes.

Recommendation: Choose a smoothie mix powder that combines highly nutritious ingredients that provide you with a combination of health benefits

2. 100% fruits and berries vs. other things added

Another important thing to keep in mind when buying a smoothie mix powder is whether they contain anything other than fruits or berries. A common practice, for example, is adding sugar or other sweeteners, certain preservatives, colorants, and other filler ingredients. Having a look at the ingredients’ list will reveal whether your smoothie mix contains other things than the real fruit. When you choose a smoothie mix for its nutritional value, you don’t want to have any added sugars or preservatives that go with it.

For example, by using a smoothie mix powder containing added sugars at 20% by volume, you unconsciously expose yourself to consuming unhealthy sugars. Not only that, but you pay these super cheap sweeteners at the price of the fruits or berries. If you need to sweeten up your smoothie, after all, you can add the sweetener of your choice when you are making it.

Recommendation: Choose a smoothie mix powder that comes from 100% fruits and berries only and does not contain any unnecessary sweeteners or fillers.

3. Whole fruits and berries vs. only parts of them

Regardless of the ingredients used, there are two ways to make the smoothie powders. The most common is using only parts of the entire fruits and berries, such as the flesh or juice. The least common way is using whole fruits or berries, including the skin, the flesh, and the seeds. It is important to understand the difference and how it impacts the smoothie mix powders’ physical and nutritional properties. Powders that can be easily diluted in water are mostly coming from juices. In contrast, powders that use whole fruits are not easily diluted in water, especially if they are high in natural fibers.

Both powders are healthy for you; however, the one made of whole fruit will have a much higher nutritional value. The reason is that different parts of the fruit contain different nutrients. For example, antioxidants mainly come from the skin, fiber is coming from the seeds, and other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are coming from the flesh (juice). So if you want to maximize the nutritional value of the product you buy, choose a smoothie mix powder from whole berries and not from extracts or juices.

Recommendation: Choose a smoothie mix powder that comes from whole fruits or berries

4. Taste

If we say there are huge differences in the taste of smoothie mix powders, it will only be an understatement! In the best-case scenario, the mix is so delicious that you want to scoop it straight to your mouth. In the worst-case scenario, it tastes and smells so blunt that you would only use it with other things. But how can you know if a product tastes good before you even buy it? Firstly, you can read the reviews (if any). Otherwise, you can safely assume that if it checks what we discussed in our previous points above (e.g., good ingredients and whole fruits used), it will more likely taste good.

Overall, you want to buy a smoothie mix powder that, although balanced in flavor, you can still taste every ingredient in there. For example, in the case of berry mix powder, you can tell the combination of four different berry flavors (i.e., blueberry, blackcurrant, lingonberry, and cranberry) that complement each other (e.g., sweet, fruity, and tart) in a perfect blend.

Recommendation: Choose a smoothie mix powder that tastes delicious – it will naturally have a huge impact on your smoothie!

5. Country of origin

Unfortunately, most of the smoothie mix brands do not specify the country of origin of each of the ingredients used. Some mark the country where the product is processed/packaged, but this does not tell about the origin of the ingredients. The origin of a product is very critical for two reasons. Firstly, you want your smoothie mix’s ingredients to be nourishing for your body and without any concerns about chemicals or pollutants. A good indicator is to check the country of origin and decide whether you trust this product’s quality.

Secondly, knowing the country of origin gives you an idea of whether their ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced. Unfortunately, many companies do not want to openly share their ingredients’ origin because of ethical violations and unsustainable agricultural methods.

Recommendation: Choose a smoothie mix powder that specifies the country of origin of each ingredient. Always prefer countries without heavy pollution and where products grow sustainably and ethically.

6. Price

Who wouldn’t like a good bargain? However, as you have probably experienced, price is often an indicator of quality. If you find a very cheap smoothie mix powder, the chances are high that its quality is not that great, it contains filler ingredients, or it is mass-produced industrially. All of the above will have a direct impact on its nutritional value. As a rule of thumb, smoothie powders made from sustainably and ethically grown fruits and berries will always be more expensive compared to mass-produced options. Other key factors that go into pricing are the ingredients they use, the processing method, and the country of origin. In summary, lower-priced smoothie mix powders are usually of lower quality and lower nutritional value.  

Recommendation: Do not let price guide your buying decision too strongly, you may end up disappointed. Understand what goes into pricing and assess the quality of the product before making your buying decision. Go for a good value for money, not for a cheap deal. 

7. Quality

The quality of a product is very important. Oftentimes, people misuse the term quality as a synonym of one product characteristic (e.g., taste or price). In our humble opinion, quality is the sum of many product characteristics. The best berry smoothie mix powder would be the one that checks all the abovementioned recommendations. On the other hand, if a product does not check all of these boxes, it can still be of good quality. It all boils down to your personal preferences and how much you weigh each of these boxes. For example, some people may weigh the country of origin more than the price or the use of sweeteners and other fillers. The recommendations provided above only serve as a guide for you. We hope you find it helpful in looking for the best smoothie mix powder based on your values and interests.

Recommendation: Choose a smoothie mix powder that checks as many of the following boxes as possible: (1) made of whole fruits, (2) has a high nutritional value, (3) no fillers or preservatives are used, (4) comes from a country you trust and with a clean environment, and (5) is reasonably priced

~ ~ ~

We hope you found these 7 tips on how to pick the best smoothie mix powder useful! If you wonder why we put this list together, the reason is simple. We at Arctic Flavors are incredibly passionate about berry powders, and we are proud of offering the best quality products in the market! We know that is a bold statement, but we really believe it.

Before launching Arctic Flavors, we spent a full year researching and tasting different berry powders to understand what differentiates the best quality powders from the rest. We did all the work for you and selected the highest quality berry powders out there. The only thing you need to do is trust us and try our product. You will not be disappointed!

We have carefully crafted this Smoothie Mix Powder to trigger an explosion of flavors in your mouth, but also provide unmatched nutritional value. We hope you will love it as much as we do!

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