Where to buy blackcurrants? This is a question many people have, having difficulties finding blackcurrants for sale near me. More and more people have discovered the tremendous health benefits of blackcurrants in recent years, making the berries highly sought after. Scientific research has proven blackcurrants’ fantastic nutritional value and potential health benefits. They are known mainly for their extremely high amount of vitamin C, antioxidants, and dietary fiber.

Blackcurrants only grow in cool climates like Northern Europe; you may find it hard to buy them where you live. Growing them was not allowed (because they were thought to produce a fungus that could damage pine trees) in United Stated for a long time. Now, they can be commercially grown also in the U.S., but they are still hard to find. The great news is that nowadays, you can buy blackcurrants even if you don’t live in a country where they are grown. 

Learn below the 3 most common places where you can buy blackcurrants!

1. Farmers Market – Summer Only – Fresh blackcurrants

If you live in a place where blackcurrants grow, you may be able to get them at a local farmers’ market. Bear in mind that they are a summer delicacy, and you can buy blackcurrants only around June to September.

If you visit a country where blackcurrants grow, such as Finland or Sweden, don’t miss a visit to a local marketplace and buy blackcurrants. They are such a delicious and healthy treat!

2. Grocery Store / Supermarket – All-Year-Round – Frozen Blackcurrants

You can find frozen blackcurrants at many supermarkets and grocery stores. The best part about buying frozen blackcurrants is that they are usually sold all-year-round. Besides, they maintain the nutritional value and taste rather well if frozen immediately after being picked.

If you cannot find blackcurrants in your local grocery store, visit your local Scandinavian, Finnish, Baltic, or Polish food stores. Many Northern and Eastern Europeans love blackcurrants and use them almost daily. Thus, you may be able to buy blackcurrants in such a specialty store.

Frozen blackcurrants often come from regions like Canada or Northern European countries like Estonia, Poland, and Finland. It is good to pay attention to the country of origin of the blackcurrants. If you have multiple options, always select a country of origin that you know has unpolluted climate and nature, like Finland or Canada.

Also, keep in mind that there are significant differences in the taste of frozen blackcurrants. They can be fruity, sweet, and full of delicious flavors at their best. At their worst, they can be sour and tasteless. The taste depends on many factors such as the soil and climate they come from, whether they are picked at the peak of the season or prematurely, and the process of freezing them. The only way to know the taste is to try different frozen blackcurrants.

More importantly, just like taste differences, there are also differences in the nutritional value of frozen blackcurrants. Depending on when they have been picked and frozen, frozen blackcurrants might differ in their amount of micronutrients and vitamins such as vitamin C.

Therefore, we recommend that you check the product label for country of origin and nutritional value. Be aware of your options and decide according to your values and your taste preferences.

3. Online – All-Year-Round – Blackcurrant Powder

The most effortless way to buy blackcurrants is online in the form of blackcurrant powder, regardless of which country you live in. It is available all-year-round, removing the obstacles of seasonality. The amazing vitamins and nutrients, the mouthwatering taste, and beautiful color of blackcurrants can be preserved with a freeze-drying method. After freeze-drying the blackcurrants, the dried black currants are powdered and packaged in air-tight packaging. 

But why start using blackcurrant powder instead of fresh or frozen blackcurrants? There are many reasons:

  • Buy it easily online all-year-round, having it delivered to where you live 
  • Store it at room temperature for a long time (lower carbon footprint than frozen blackcurrants requiring a freezer) 
  • Take your blackcurrant powder with you everywhere without having to worry about weight, space, refrigeration, or washing the berries before consumption
  • Enjoy it in endless ways – only your imagination is the limit! For ideas, visit our berry powder recipes section, and feel free to swap any other berry powder for blackcurrant powder.

If you want to buy a blackcurrant powder, be aware of big differences in quality, taste, and nutritional value. The main differences come from the quality of the blackcurrant berries used for making the powder, but also the method of processing the berries to make a powder (freeze-drying always preserves the nutritional value and taste better than head drying). 

We genuinely believe that we at Arctic Flavors offer the best quality blackcurrant powder, which you can buy from our berry powder online shop. We ship to countries worldwide, including countries like the UK, Ireland, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and all European countries. All our berry powders comprise 100% whole berries from the pure nature in Finland. We add nothing else – just 100% irresistible blackcurrants. Would you like to try yours? 

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