Where to Buy Wild Blueberries – Top 3 Places

Find out where to buy wild blueberries in the UK, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.

Where to buy wild blueberries? Many people wonder where to find wild blueberries in Australia, the UK, Singapore, NZ (New Zealand), South Africa, and many other countries. The amazing health benefits of wild blueberries have become more widely known in the past years due to the support from scientific studies, making people looking to buy them across the globe. 

As wild blueberries grow only in cool climates like Northern Europe and Northern America, it may be difficult to find them where you live. Luckily, nowadays there are ways to buy wild blueberries even if you don’t live in a country where blueberries grow wild. 

Find below the 3 most common places where you can buy wild blueberries!

1. In a Local Market – Summer Only

If you are lucky and live in or close to a country where wild blueberries grow, you may be able to buy wild blueberries at a local market. Keep in mind that wild blueberries are seasonal, and typically are only available around July and August.

If in July or August you are visiting a country known for its wild blueberries, like Finland or Canada, make sure to stop by at a local market and buy wild blueberries – it is such a special treat. Make sure, however, to ask for wild blueberries (also known as low-bush blueberries) because very often you will also find the cultivated high-bush blueberries, which are also good, but they have much less taste and nutritional value.

2. In Your Grocery Store – All-Year-Round 

Nowadays, you can buy frozen wild blueberries at many grocery stores and supermarkets. The good thing about frozen berries is that they are often available all-year-round, and they maintain the nutritional value and taste of berries rather well.

If your local grocery store doesn’t have wild blueberries, check out the local Scandinavian, Finnish, Baltic, Russian, or Polish specialty food stores. Many Europeans and Russians are used to enjoying wild blueberries as part of their everyday diet, and therefore, chances are good you may be able to buy wild frozen blueberries in a specialty store.

Frozen wild blueberries come usually from countries like Canada, United States, Chile, or Northern European countries like Estonia, Poland, and Finland. We recommend you pay attention to the country of origin and if possible, go for a country of origin known for its pure, unpolluted nature, like Finland or Canada.

In addition, we remind you that, oftentimes, most of the frozen blueberries sold in grocery stores are not wild. Cultivated berries are much more easily available, cheaper, but with lower nutritional value and rather neutral taste, as they are grown in massive farms in multiple countries around the world. Just check the product label, be aware of your options, and make your decision according to your values.

3. Online – All-Year-Round

The easiest way to buy wild blueberries all-year-round is online in the form of powder, regardless of where you live. The amazing nutritional value, taste, and color of wild blueberries can be preserved by a freeze-drying method. After the wild blueberries are freeze-dried, they are being powdered and packaged, which makes it easy to store, ship, and use.

There are multiple reasons why to start using wild blueberry powder instead of fresh or frozen berries. For example, it is accessible all-year-round, it is easy to store at room temperature for a long period of time (lower carbon footprint than frozen berries), you can bring it everywhere without having to worry about weight, temperature, or if it needs to be washed before consumption, and of course, it has endless ways of use.

If you want to buy a wild blueberry powder, be aware that there are big differences in quality, taste, and nutritional value. If you would like to learn more about this, we have summarized the most important tips for you in a blog post entitled Best Blueberry Powder – Which One To Buy – 10 Tips.

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